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At Tyre General, we take pride in fitting and balancing your tyres using the latest equipment. Our skilled technicians install and balance your tyres, guaranteeing precision and a smooth, safe ride. Whether you’re equipping your vehicle with new tyres or seeking tyre maintenance, our commitment to excellence ensures optimal performance and safety.

Signs that indicate you need a wheel balance include:

  • Vibrations or wobbling in the steering.
  • Reduced handling and control.

Trust Tyre General for tyre fitting and balancing that uses the latest equipment, offering you five star quality service and peace of mind on the road.


What does Fitting and Balancing mean?

When you purchase new tyres it is important these are fitted and balanced correctly on your wheels, this ensures the weight will be evenly distributed for optimal performance and longevity of your tyres.

Fitting: Involves the physical process of placing the new tyres onto the wheels of your vehicle. It includes mounting the tyres onto the rims and ensuring they are properly secured.
Balancing: Is the process of evenly distributing the weight of the tyre and wheel combination. This is done by adding small weights to the rim.


Can I bring my own tyres to be Fitted & Balanced?

Yes you can, however when bringing in your own tyres to be fitted and balanced you will incur an additional charge on top of our standard service fee.


Why is it important to have your tyres Balanced?

Balancing helps prevent vibrations and uneven wear, contributing to a smoother ride and better tyre longevity. The goal is to ensure that the weight is distributed uniformly around the entire tyre and wheel assembly.