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The AT771 handles tarseal, gravel and dirt with ease. Good off-road capability with great highway performance.  

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Slighlty more aggressive than the AT700, the AT771 proves itself as a genuine all-terrain tyre. From grocery runs to hidden outdoor destinations, the AT700 effortlessly conquers asphalt, gravel, and dirt surfaces. With impressive off-road prowess and exceptional highway performance, it proudly secured the title of the 2019 All Terrain Tyre of the Year by 4×4 Australia.

Smooth Driving

  • The AT700’s nylon ply does a lot of the heavy lifting, and you get a better ride on the highway as it flexes over rough patches.

Wet Weather Traction

  • Ripple tread sipes – those small cuts that divide up the tread blocks – transform the tyre tread into a multi-surface water draining machine, clearing the water into the tread grooves to be drained behind the vehicle.

Award-Winning Handling

  • The stiff centre rib blocks keep things stable at high speeds and the ripple sipes lock together when you’re braking, cornering or accelerating for extra control.

Extra Off-Road Grip

  • Staggered shoulder lugs with extra sipes mean extra bite in rutted ground and challenging trails.

Puncture Resistance

  • Inside the tread there’s a layer of nylon that allows the tyre to bend over sharp objects when other 4×4 tyres would puncture.

Quiet Driving

  • The tread blocks have been arranged to cancel out road noise to keep things quiet.