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Fierce All Terrain machine. Dual-cord casing ply for unmatched durability. Off-road autonomy, braking stability—transformative 3D tread sipes.

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Approach with care, for the fiercest All Terrain machine conquers all challenges hurled its way. On smooth roads, it glides with elegance, but dare to tread off-road, and it awakens, a beast poised to devour rocks and exhale sand.

Extreme Durability

  • The dual-cord casing ply incorporates interwoven reinforcement fibers, resulting in a significant enhancement of casing strength that delivers unparalleled durability and toughness.

Roam Freely

  • All Terrain tread pattern provides High Terrain off-road as well as very quiet running around town and on gravel.

Transforming 3D Tread Sipes

  • Off-road, the tread blocks operate autonomously, providing that essential extra grip required in challenging situations. However, during braking, they interlock, ensuring optimal contact and heightened stability.