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For vans and trailers. Manage heavy loads with unyielding grip. Enhanced sipes and wider grooves for wet roads and mud.

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Built for Vans and Trailers: Conquer Heavy loads with unyielding grip. Enhanced with Sipes and Wider grooves for superior wet road traction.


Wet Road Performance

  • Wider Main Grooves Ensure Ample Grip and Stability, Keeping You in Control on Rainy Roads.

Unstoppable Through Mud & Snow

  • Extra sipes on the main grooves and shoulders help dissipate water as the tyre keeps in contact with the road.  You’ll also stay in control on those muddy backroads.

Longer Lasting

  • The large shoulder blocks and connections between parts of the tyre make for an even wearing slice of rubber that’ll last for a long time.

Quiet Ride

  • The special cross grooves dampen the road noise so you can keep the music levels down.