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Designed for driving pleasure, the ComfortContact 6 offers a comfortable, quiet driving experience and delivers value through improved tread life.

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An All Round Performer. An All-Purpose Performer. Geared towards driving delight, the ComfortContact 6 ensures a serene, noiseless driving encounter while delivering value with extended tread life.


Quiet Versatility

  • Tread pattern incorporates harmonic comfort chambers for a serene ride. Utilising the ‘Helmholtz Resonator’ concept to dampen sound frequencies, noise-canceling elements within the tread mitigate unpleasant noise between the tyre and road.

Subdued Acoustics

  • “0” dB-Eaters are uniquely shaped in-groove elements designed to split and diffuse noise waves for lower road noise. To ensure a quieter ride, they break up noise waves travelling in the tread grooves to reduce the sound-level measured in decibels (dB).

Smooth Comfort on Diverse Roads

  • Road surfaces can vary enormously on a single journey and the Comfort Contact 6’s whisper compound is built to deliver comfort on every ride. This compound meshes closely with the road surface, allowing the tread to absorb and dampen vibrations for a smoother ride.